Slots with Multiple Bonus Games

play-online-slotsWhilst we do know quite a number of slot players enjoy playing slots on which you can have something of a fast playing session without triggering any type of bonus games such as not are on offer on the classical three reel slots, there are even more players who actively seek out and play bonus game awarding slots – check out this site for more info.

With that in mind if you are the type of player who loves slots on which a bonus game can be triggered then why not look for a slot offering you multiple bonus games! By playing a slot with two bonus games at least on offer then you will have twice the number of opportunities of triggering a bonus game and will have twice as much fun playing them both off!

With that in mind you should be actively seeking the Tiki Island slot to play online for it comes with two exciting bonus games which can be triggered at any time, and those bonus games are quite famed for their high payouts.

The way in which those bonus games are triggered is quite easy to understand, for you have to spin in a set of Puffer Fish symbols or a set of at least three of the Coconut symbols and when you do you will then get to play of a pick to win type of bonus game.

Both of those bonus games are pick and win styled rounds, however you do need to pick carefully for if you reveal a symbol or position on the bonus game screen that is empty then the bonus game ends there and then and you will win what you revealed up until that moment in time.

You really do also need to be playing slot games which have very high payout percentages as by doing so you should get a fair old chunk of your stakes back as winning payouts over your long term play. In fact, as the Tiki Island payout percentage is a huge 96.29% that does make it an ideal slot game to play.

One type of slot game that you may be interested in playing will be one which has multi-stage bonus games and bonus features, for when you play those slots you can progress through each round with some luck and by doing so that is where you will often find the bigger and better winning payouts waiting for you.

One way to discover very quickly and very easily just what types of bonus games and bonus features are to be found on any slot games you come across online will be simply to take a look at the pay tables attached to those slot games.

By doing so you will get a complete overview of the way in which the bonus games are initially triggered and then how they will be playing off once awarded to you, so one tip for choosing just which slots to play will be to also read the pay tables attached to those slots

Mobile Casinos That Allow You To Deposit By Phone

bingo promotionsOnline casinos that allow you to pay using your phone are the next big thing in the casino business. It is an easy, simple and secure way of making your payment. Although it has picked up pace in the past year when compared to the total number of casinos, such websites are relatively uncommon. The websites that allow customers to pay using their mobile phones are in the minority, although the number is growing compared to the past. 

Mobile casinos are really easy to use and have a number of benefits. For one you can enjoy all the fun of a real casino and play all the casino games you love, even when you are traveling. There is no need to go in to a real casino. The games are as good as the real ones and there is fair play. 

Benefits of using the pay by phone option 

The pay by phone option is a really useful one as you can deposit the money to play your next casino game just when you want. Here is why you could love using the pay by phone option. 

 Secure: In today’s world, security threats are a real thing, and everyone is concerned with privacy. As such, the pay by phone casino option is extremely safe. Of course you still need to provide your name, and you also have to open an account with the casino where you want to play, but you don’t have to be concerned about security as much as you do not need to give out your credit card details at all. 

 Convenient: All it takes is a mobile phone, and you can pay. The greatest advantage is that you can use this option ever with a prepaid service. All you have to do is get a top-up, and the amount will be deducted from your balance. 

 No memorisation required: If you are bad at remembering number and passwords, the pay by phone option has an added benefit for you. You don’t have to remember lengthy credit card numbers, or even passwords for e-wallets. 

The reason that the trend hasn’t caught on yet is probably because any new method, especially one involving finances, takes some time to catch on. However one good thing is that some of the top businesses in the market have enabled this option, so you have a good set of options to choose from. 

What to keep in mind when choosing a casino 

While there are a good many mobile casinos to choose from, do not just go in for one randomly. 

There are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind while choosing the right casino to invest your money in. 

– Check out the websites and compare the welcome offers given by each on signup. 

– Compare the game selections available on different websites and choose according to your preferred kind. 

– Finally, check if the casino has the option to pay by phone. Such casinos are undoubtedly at the forefront of new technology and are using it to please their customer base. 

These tips will help you to choose the best mobile casino, where you can play the casino games that are fun and depositing is well, really easy. 

Best Fixed Coin Jackpot Slots

bgo screenshot 1The amount of coins that you can win when playing slot games online is of course determined by the pay table of that slot, you will find what are known as low variance and medium variance slots which tend to have average sized jackpots on offer.

However, for the chance of winning a very large jackpot you will need to look out for some slots which have a high variance type of playing structure. When you play those types of slots you do need to be aware that you will not be spinning in as many smaller valued winning payouts as you would when be playing some of the low and medium variance Tiki Island slot games.

However, every now and then a high variance slot will play out a massive jackpot, or could award you with a bonus game which is going to award you with a mega seized winning payout, and as such they are the best fixed coin slot games you can play online. Just be aware that they are high risk slots and not every time you play them are you going to be winning those larger than average winning payouts, so play them carefully and stick to your limits.

One thing that you do also need to keep in mind is that whilst some online slot games do boast a fixed coin jackpot payout, many of the slot games you can play online will also offer you a range of different staking options, some which will let you play more than one coin on each payline.

Therefore, when you are playing fixed coin jackpot slot games for each coin wagered on each payline the value of the jackpot increases upwards in value, please read the pay tables of those slot games for more information!

If you would prefer to play a slot game online which does not have fixed coin levels, then there are going to be thousands of them available to you so picking out one which is going to keep you entertained and give you plenty of winning chances when playing for either low or high stakes will be easy.

However, one slot game that we cannot get enough of playing is the Double Bubble slot which has stake levels which can be sent as low as just 0.01, and even when playing it for low stakes you do have the chance of winning big!

You really do need to spend a bit of time looking around the web for one thing that will soon become very apparent when you do start looking around for casino or bingo sites to play at is there are literally hundreds of different places you can play slots online.

However, to save you playing inferior slot games make sure that you actively seek out bingo sites that use the powerful and no download required Gamesys bingo platform, for when you play at those sites you will be able to play the exact type of slot games you want to play the most!

Grand Mondial Casino Review

With all online casino players look for games which they enjoy playing and with the majority of those players also being on the lookout for the best promotional offers it is going to be a site like Grand Mondial Casino you will be interested in signing up to and becoming a player at as they have lots to offer both new and existing players.

Free Initial Bankroll with No Deposit Needed!

One of the main attractions for all casino players of the Grand Mondial Casino site is that they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and as such as a newly registered player you will be able to have £/€/$2500 of the casinos own money to allow you to put their range of games to the test.  This includes roulette, blackjack, and also slots such as Tiki Island.

You will be able to play their games with those free bonus credits for an hour and at the end of your hour of no risk play time if you have made a profit via a series of winning outcomes of the game you are playing you will be able to claim those winnings up to a certain amount as bonus funds when you then go on to make a small initial deposit into your casino amount.

To ensure you remain loyal to Grand Mondial Casino they also have a loyalty scheme in place and ongoing bonuses and play promotions will always be showered upon you! Take a look over their website for all of the required terms and conditions of this new player bonus which by the way subject to change at any time. Good look and enjoy playing here as you will always be rewarded for your real money action with high valued promotional offers and player comps!

Large Range of Banking Options

If you are interested in signing up and giving any of the casino games of which there are literally hundreds of them available at Grand Mondial Casino you will be pleased to learn they offer a large range of different banking options and are also a multi currency casino. Read on for some additional reason why this casino is one of our top rated sites.

Web and E-Wallets Accepted – Should you want to make an instant deposit into your real money account at this casino site you are going to have on offer a large range of different banking options, many of which are web and E-wallets. By using one of those as your banking method of choice you will always be able to withdraw any and all winnings back to your web wallet and E-wallet account quickly and easily with no hoops to jump through.

Classic Slots – Always leave your options open in regards to the type of casino game you are going to play when logged into an online casino site for you will find that there are plenty of high paying games on offer to you that you may never have played before. This casino has a huge collection of three reel classic slots on offer all of which come with some very attractive and high payout percentages!

Grand Mondial Casino is Licensed – When you are seeking out and comparing new casinos at which to sign up at and play at you should only ever play at casino that are licensed as by doing so you will be guaranteed of the highest standards and fair games. We are more than happy to let you know that the Grand Mondial Casino has been granted a full gaming license by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Grand Hotel Casino

You are often going to find that it is the longer established online casinos that are going to offer you the best online gaming experience, and with that in mind we would like to showcase to you the Grand Hotel Casino.

Whilst the name of this Microgaming powered casino may imply they are a land based one, they are in fact an online casino who offers players the maximum enjoyment and entertainment due to their impressive range of casino games and their high valued bonuses and special player promotions. They have their own comp club too that always rewards real money players with lots of extras.

Multiple New Player Bonuses at Grand Hotel Casino

You are best advised to sign up to the Grand Hotel Casino if you are the type of player who likes to remain loyal to just one or a small number of online casino sites. The reason for us saying that is that as part of their new player sign up bonus offers you are going to be able to claim in total via their multiple new player deposit match bonuses a total of £/€/$5560 in bonus credits!

The one thing you will appreciate about claiming bonuses from the Grand Hotel Casino is that they all come with a very fair set of terms and conditions which ensures you not only get the maximum value but you will always have the maximum winning chances when you have claimed any of their bonuses.

You are also automatically enrolled in the Grand Hotel Casino player loyalty scheme when you sign up as a new player which will see you being able to claim additional bonuses and be rewarded with playing credits based on your level of play. All bonuses are of course subject to change at any time so take a look at their website for all you will need to know about their current crop of player bonuses.

Over 800 Casino Games

You are going to be able to download the entire suite of Microgaming designed casino games when playing at the Grand Hotel Casino and by doing so you will have access to over 800 different games. Below are some additional reasons why we think this is going to be a great casino site to sign up to.  If you like slots then you’re in luck, as you will find all the top slot machine titles.

Large Range of Deposit Options – As a player at any casino site you will always have your own preferred banking options in mind, if you play at this casino you will have on offer via their banking range a large range of different options available to you which is going to allow you to pick one to use to make a deposit or a withdrawal that comes with no additional fees or charges.

Both Ways Slots – The best valued slot games you can play are often those which will let you form a winning combination not only from left to right on the slot games screen but also from right to left too! Those slot games are known as Both Ways slots and you are going to find a very large number of them are always on offer to you as a player at this leading online casino site!

Fully Licensed – By signing up to the Grand Hotel Casino you will have no problems when it comes to you accessing a range of fair and completely random games. This casino has been granted a full licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and that means every single game they have on offer have been certified as fair and the casino adheres to the best industry standards.