Best Fixed Coin Jackpot Slots

By | March 8, 2016

bgo screenshot 1The amount of coins that you can win when playing slot games online is of course determined by the pay table of that slot, you will find what are known as low variance and medium variance slots which tend to have average sized jackpots on offer.

However, for the chance of winning a very large jackpot you will need to look out for some slots which have a high variance type of playing structure. When you play those types of slots you do need to be aware that you will not be spinning in as many smaller valued winning payouts as you would when be playing some of the low and medium variance Tiki Island slot games.

However, every now and then a high variance slot will play out a massive jackpot, or could award you with a bonus game which is going to award you with a mega seized winning payout, and as such they are the best fixed coin slot games you can play online. Just be aware that they are high risk slots and not every time you play them are you going to be winning those larger than average winning payouts, so play them carefully and stick to your limits.

One thing that you do also need to keep in mind is that whilst some online slot games do boast a fixed coin jackpot payout, many of the slot games you can play online will also offer you a range of different staking options, some which will let you play more than one coin on each payline.

Therefore, when you are playing fixed coin jackpot slot games for each coin wagered on each payline the value of the jackpot increases upwards in value, please read the pay tables of those slot games for more information!

If you would prefer to play a slot game online which does not have fixed coin levels, then there are going to be thousands of them available to you so picking out one which is going to keep you entertained and give you plenty of winning chances when playing for either low or high stakes will be easy.

However, one slot game that we cannot get enough of playing is the Double Bubble slot which has stake levels which can be sent as low as just 0.01, and even when playing it for low stakes you do have the chance of winning big!

You really do need to spend a bit of time looking around the web for one thing that will soon become very apparent when you do start looking around for casino or bingo sites to play at is there are literally hundreds of different places you can play slots online.

However, to save you playing inferior slot games make sure that you actively seek out bingo sites that use the powerful and no download required Gamesys bingo platform, for when you play at those sites you will be able to play the exact type of slot games you want to play the most!

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