Slots with Multiple Bonus Games

By | May 27, 2016

play-online-slotsWhilst we do know quite a number of slot players enjoy playing slots on which you can have something of a fast playing session without triggering any type of bonus games such as not are on offer on the classical three reel slots, there are even more players who actively seek out and play bonus game awarding slots – check out this site for more info.

With that in mind if you are the type of player who loves slots on which a bonus game can be triggered then why not look for a slot offering you multiple bonus games! By playing a slot with two bonus games at least on offer then you will have twice the number of opportunities of triggering a bonus game and will have twice as much fun playing them both off!

With that in mind you should be actively seeking the Tiki Island slot to play online for it comes with two exciting bonus games which can be triggered at any time, and those bonus games are quite famed for their high payouts.

The way in which those bonus games are triggered is quite easy to understand, for you have to spin in a set of Puffer Fish symbols or a set of at least three of the Coconut symbols and when you do you will then get to play of a pick to win type of bonus game.

Both of those bonus games are pick and win styled rounds, however you do need to pick carefully for if you reveal a symbol or position on the bonus game screen that is empty then the bonus game ends there and then and you will win what you revealed up until that moment in time.

You really do also need to be playing slot games which have very high payout percentages as by doing so you should get a fair old chunk of your stakes back as winning payouts over your long term play. In fact, as the Tiki Island payout percentage is a huge 96.29% that does make it an ideal slot game to play.

One type of slot game that you may be interested in playing will be one which has multi-stage bonus games and bonus features, for when you play those slots you can progress through each round with some luck and by doing so that is where you will often find the bigger and better winning payouts waiting for you.

One way to discover very quickly and very easily just what types of bonus games and bonus features are to be found on any slot games you come across online will be simply to take a look at the pay tables attached to those slot games.

By doing so you will get a complete overview of the way in which the bonus games are initially triggered and then how they will be playing off once awarded to you, so one tip for choosing just which slots to play will be to also read the pay tables attached to those slots

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